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David Barnwell understands that keeping your audience engaged is the most important factor of any live event.

David Barnwell

Ever since auditioning in 1999 for the Music Program at Mayfield Secondary School’s Regional Arts Program (R.A.P.), David Barnwell has fostered a deep appreciation for connecting with an audience. Having been called on for his first unique public speaking event – being the Master of Ceremonies for his elementary school’s music night performance – at a young age, he began to realize that being in front of an audience can be daunting, yet extremely rewarding on many levels.

After several private and public performances throughout high school with the concert and jazz bands, as well as the chamber choir, David began honing his skill and controlling his nerves when in front of a crowd. In university, two exciting events happened for David; he accepted a front-man position in a rock band, and was told in his university classes that he would be required to make several presentations each month. Being on stage at various rock shows, David learned that connecting with the audience in a meaningful and relevant manner would ultimately lead to higher ticket sales at the next show – a likely outcome of word of mouth advertising from the previous performance. After many of his presentations in university, he was able to confirm his growing speaking abilities when class mates would come to him for advice on how they could improve their speaking abilities.

Now, David finds himself being invited to Host corporate award ceremonies (City of Brampton “Our Brampton” Portal Initiative), and conference workshops (MISA2011), as well as being requested to be the Master of Ceremonies for Children’s Stages and Motivational Speakers alike. David has been engaged by MoMondays Brampton in 2014, to assist as an occasional Master of Ceremonies by introducing special guests, and to keep the audience engaged.

From relaxed environments, to corporate worlds, to complete Gala-style atmospheres, David can accommodate them all. Because to David Barnwell, the audience matters.

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